Countdown Begin To Back to School!

Few days left to be back to school, as you know next week will be the beginning of the school year for all students in Saudi Arabia.

going back to school is a great event for each student. and each new year of it represents new friendships, new teachers, and new learning experiences to develop their skills.


How can you as a mum prepare your son or daughter for this year?

The psychological preamble is an important and important factor to explain for your child the importance of education and its goal of it and education is basic in their life to have a better future and then they can be engineers, teachers, and doctors and extra

Also, material preparation is important, a trip to the library and buying school stationery add joy to their heart and it might be one of the psychological health reasons that they won’t be behind their peers.

My son/daughter is in his first year at school, what should I do ?

  • make sure your son can depend on himself in food and clothing so he won’t be embarrassed or bullied.
  • It’s important for him to go to a pre-school the year before therefore it’s a preparatory important stage that helps you to relax and confirm your child can adjust outside his home.
  • You can also company your child to school first day or even for the first week if needed but no more than that.
  • Help your child to prepare his school bag with all essentials and ask him to keep them.
  • Explain to your child all the important details to help him reach his class during your visit and to hesitate to ask a teacher about all the details that you don’t know.
  • Be sure your child’s ability to go and get back from school without help whether by bus or a car and follow safety instructions.
  • It’s important to listen to your child at the time he gets back and determine his fears if there’s it might be reasons to obstacle his learning experience and ask further about everything that comes to his mind.
  • Follow up with his teacher about all new developments with homework book or their E-school.

Wish you all a happy new year filled with accomplishment.

Family of Cadu Saudi.



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